Happy Birthday, Niall James Horan!

I'll never forget how I fell in love with you. With your crooked teeth, your cheeky smile and your beautifully dirty blond hair. You took my breath away with your cute laugh and your irresistible eyes. Your laugh was stuck in my head everyday, but I didn't bother. Your laugh made me forget why I was sad if I had a bad day. Just by looking at you, I felt so much better.
I remember the time you were sad for not being good enough to be in the band. I remember all the "fans" who refused to hug you, and how you said you felt when people were talking about your teeth. It made me feel sad, because in my eyes, you have always been perfect. And you will always be. Crooked teeth or not, fit or not, blond or brunette... It doesn't matter, - you're perfect in every way.
This year, I finally got to see you. From afar, but still, I got to see you. You were so amazing, talented, beautiful and funny. Just like I imagined you to be. You were just perfect.
I cried during your solos, because you have one of the five most angelic voices in the world. I can't see how you could even think that you're not good enough. Everytime I'm feeling a bit blue, I listen to One Direction, and when your solos comes on, my smile gets a little bigger. My day gets a little brighter. And I get a little happier.
I remember that summer when you and the boys had twitcams almost everyday, and everyone called you boring because you just sat there, humming on songs and picking strings on your guitar because you didn't know what else to do or what to say. But I didn't find that boring. Not at all. I could watch you play the guitar and listen to you humming all day for the rest of my life, and I wouldn't get bored. 
No matter what happens to the band in the future, you'll always be one of my five favourite heroes.
Now I watch you growing up, and I've come to the conclusion that I'll probably support you 'til the day I die. Your hair is styled in a different way, you look fit and you're not as shy anymore, but to me you'll always be that guy with crooked teeth and a silly smile with a guitar in your hands. That guy who started on the stairs with his four best friends, and who's today on top of the charts. You made me believe; Dreams do come true, if you dare to dream.
I love you, Niall James Horan. Happy birthday!
Sincerely yours

Postat av: Emma

ÅÅÅÅ vad fint skrivit!

Svar: Aww tack hihi :D
Vendela Åstrand

2013-09-13 @ 14:32:12 / URL: http://novellfoton.blogg.se
Postat av: Agnes

åååååå helt fantastiskt fint skrivet! Blev helt rörd! Önskar verkligen han fick läsa det här! <3

Svar: Aww taaack! <3 :'')
Vendela Åstrand

2013-09-13 @ 16:59:54
Postat av: Matilda

Åhhh du borde skicka denna text i ett fanbreg så Niall självfår se det, det kommer få han fälla tårar! Precis som jag <33

Svar: Aww<333 Lite sent nu dock kanske, för snart fyller han ju inte år längre haha<3
Vendela Åstrand

2013-09-13 @ 21:42:19 / URL: http://matildasavelind.blogg.se
Postat av: Hanna

har du verkligen skrivet det själv?? det var jättevackert!!!!!
vill så gärna att han kunde se det!!!!!!♥♥
hoppas nästa kapitel kommer snart!

Svar: Yesbox, jag skrev det helt själv nu i förmiddags! Tack så jättemycket!<3 Nästa kapitel är på G och kommer upp antingen imorgon kväll eller på söndag förmiddag! :)<3
Vendela Åstrand

2013-09-13 @ 21:45:35
Postat av: Bella

Jättefin text. :) Synd att han inte får den :(
Här kommer 2 länkar:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wGVCZxlLnN0
det var den första, hittar inte den andra länken :/

Svar: Tack<3 :) Ska kolla!
Vendela Åstrand

2013-09-15 @ 14:25:24

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